Minor update!


  • Added panning for the viewports
  • Added zooming for the viewports
  • Added the ability to add a primitive
  • Started with the perspective viewport
  • More small minor changes!!

Going to work on improving the brush collection management and getting a proper version of the perspective viewport finished.


wxWidgets 3.0 tutorial for netbeans with Mingw

I created a tutorial for the newly released wxWidgets 3.0.
Netbeans is used for C++ development mostly by me as I want multiplatform support for my editor.

The tutorial is based on windows, mingw and netbeans and can be found at the following link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kb6c1PgwQn7sOTu-qzk3dPeW0pRbIqSUbf9x1dUwDZ0/pub

You may also download/view it as a pdf (better formatted). http://www.wildrune.com/tutorials/NetbeansWxWidgets3Mingw.pdf

Level editor!

My first post for the new year, I hope everyone had a splendid time!

I have always been wanting to create a level editor, I’m a big fan of CSG(Constructive Solid Geometry) editors like 3D World Studio which is my favorite and Hammer used in games like Half Life.
CSG allows you to create complex geometry by using simple geometry.

Below a screenshot of 3D World Studio by Leadwerks, I will be mimicking this familiair interface used in most editors.

I will be starting this project today and will be using wxWidgets 3.0 and OpenGL to create the editor.
A new menu item has been added on the site for more information about the editor!


The day before christmas and I got my presents already!
An Elgato game capture device to capture video’s of my projects on the OUYA!
And a wacom intuos pen and touch to do my own art!

Here a move that show the start of a game with a functional menu, It’s a really short movie!

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Game feel

Game feel is my most important philosophy in game development, without it a game just misses something!
I came across the following video and it explains the importance of game feel really well.

Been a while

Hello people! for those that still look.
It has been a while since my last post!

I have been inactive because of real life issues that I needed to attend to. But now I want to start actively blogging again.

I will continue my work on Vax Gravity and other side projects I am working on.

Work has to be done!

I have begon working on the level technology, it’s currently in it’s early stages.
For the creation of the levels I have been using 3D World Studio, a CSG brush editor made by leadwerks software.
3D world studio

3D World Studio is one of my favourite tools, as a programmer I can create levels in a matter of minutes.
I have used the editor for several school projects and realy loved to use it so I thought it would be awesome to use for Vax Gravity.

The thing is that I can’t use the file format of 3DWS directly for my games, I want it to be fast on the ouya and I need my levels to have some features that can’t be added in 3DWS like physical surface materials.

I will be using a technique that has been used in the game industry for years, called binary space partition (BSP), it was featured in most of ID software’s games (DOOM, QUAKE 1,2,…) and alot of other engines.

At the moment I am designing a tool that will take the file from 3DWS and compile a BSP from the raw level with all the information needed for my games.
The tool will allow me to place entities and assign physical materials to surfaces in the level.